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I was using Micro.Blog for some time now and in an effort to have less subscriptions I have left the platform. I bought a couple years of this platform Write.as last year so I’ve decided to recommit to it.

With that said, timapple.com is my more personal blog, with thoughts, and stories of a more personal nature. While timapple.dev will be the home, or is the home of my tech ramblings and such. I sort of like the idea of having them separate. I may make one more, for pure ranting, but I’m not 100% sure about that yet.

Either way, just wanted to update everyone.



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This evening, I listened to the song I Believe by Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins. I am always so moved when I listen to this song—the blend of those fantastic vocals and the lyrics that touch my heart so profoundly. The entire piece makes me melt. I’m not sure if you have heard the song, but I just wanted to share some of those lyrics.

One day I'll hear The laugh of children In a world where war has been banned

One day I'll see Men of all colors Sharing words of love and devotion


Open your heart To those who need you In the name of love and devotion

Yes, I believe

I believe in the people Of all nations To join and to care For love

I believe in a world Where light will guide us And giving our love We'll make heaven on earth

Someday when you have the time, put the song on and meditate on those lyrics if we could all make something so beautiful manifest, truly making heaven on earth.


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I have been listening to the podcast Threshold since its first season; It is one of my favorites. This season is about the goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Like all the seasons before, it is super informative.


I just finished the series Afterlife about a widower who is having trouble getting beyond the loss of his wife. It has to be one of the greatest love stories I have ever watched, even with the ridiculous amount of foul language it contains. It's funny how Ricky Gervais can offend yet still break my heart. I just found it to be such a moving little series that it is definitely worth the watch. But I'm sad it is over. I really recommend it. If you're offended by foul language, you may want to avoid it.

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For those of you who are curious about other faiths or religions, I wanted to share a nine-episode podcast series I recently finished called Ambassador to Humanity. It's available on Spotify, Apple, and most other popular podcatchers. It recounts the life and work of Abdu'l-Baha, the son of Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i Faith, and the authorized interpreter of His teachings.

He was loved by Muslims, Jews, Christians, and many more. He lived a life of service to humanity. As I sat and listened to each episode, each one made me cry to myself silently as I would think what it would be like to have been in his presence, or if I could live up to his example, and very much reminded me that I haven't. I really cannot express the amount of love I felt just from stories of people who had encountered Him.

I'm not trying to push a sales pitch for the Baha'i faith; It is a chance to hear what kind of people we can strive to be, no matter our faith or even lack of it. Honestly, it is worth listening to and a significant part of our history. I hope you enjoy it.

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Today I stumbled upon a great little movie I didn't know existed. The story of a young Pakistani boy in England whose life is inspired by Bruce Springsteen. I really did enjoy it. If you are a Springsteen fan or like stories about immigrant families you will really enjoy it I think.

Blinded by the Light

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I’ve never really owned land, in the big sense. Nothing more than a backyard for me. But I do know people who have some, and they have been kind enough to let me pretend it was mine for short periods. Well, maybe they didn’t know I was pretending it was mine. But none the less they let me make use of it freely. I believe there is nothing better than being free to experience a place with no limits. To have free rein to do what you wish.


I joined the Baha’i Faith in 2010. After a childhood growing up Catholic, my stint in high school as a proclaimed atheist, to a seeker after my time in the army, finally finding and falling in love with the Baha’i Faith. As I now read the history of the faith and its writings, I think back to being a soldier.

On March 20th, 2003, I crossed over the border from Kuwait to Iraq for the first time. I was a ball of fear, excitement, and wonder all rolled up in one. I spent most of the first few days in the back of a Bradley fighting vehicle. I remember seeing a sign telling us that we were atop Babylon, which all I could see was sand and some old brick walls scattered about in the region. With the occasional view of MLRS rocket systems sending volleys and feeling sorry for those on the receiving end. Other than knowing the name Babylon, it held no significance to me on that day.


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