Tim Apple

Tetris was really a great movie. Well worth the watch. Who knew there was such an exciting story behind the game. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Since I can’t goto the theater for Dungeons and Dragons tonight, I’m going to watch Tetris on AppleTV which is another movie I’ve been really looking foreword to.

Today I learned Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone and again my early education lied to me. The creator was Antonio Meucci.

I just noticed #Discord added a feature when you can actually pick which channels show up in a room. That is so handy, I’m in a few rooms where they have 20+ channels and I’m only interested in 2 or 3 of them.

So with #security in mind. If one worked under the same premise #Microsoft is taking in this move. Wouldn’t it behoove all email providers to block anything coming from old or current versions of Exchange which has always been a security nightmare? Microsoft Set to Block Emails…

Happy ‘Ted Lasso’ day!

Is there a #Windows equivalent to Little Snitch?

Master Bootrecord is great background music for getting work done.

Does anyone have a simple way to share the song one is listening to in Apple Music, without sharing an Apple Music link… like to convert it to something more neutral. Like in the Cider app on Windows or Linux it will share with Song Link. Need a solution for mobile devices.

Not long ago I saw someone post a band I am assuming is similar to Master Bootrecord, as they referred to missing them in the beginning. So I assume its a super geeky techno or thrash band…cant remember the name to save my life.

My LinuxMint run didn’t fare well. I was hoping I could run a Windows 11 VM in it with decent performance, but that was not the case. Virtualbox was a dog and Qemu wasn’t a ton better. It seems Windows hates to be virtualized on my Surface. The only thing that runs a good WinVM for me is …

I’m thinking of giving #LinuxMint a go later today.

Just finished: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow 📚 This really got me pumped and going down a rabbit hole of privacy and security themed novels. I’m starting “1984” today while I wait for “Little Brothers” sequal “Homeland” to free up in the library. #books

It’s official, I just deactivated my #Twitter account.

I think there is serious hypocrisy in all the TikTok banning talk. Our companies do the same, maybe worse. At the same time, I would be so happy to see it go.

I just can’t stay away from MicroBlog; the grass looks greener somewhere else and I end up back a few weeks later.