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Greener Pastures

Been playing with Ghost for a little bit. Though it is pretty and a fairly simple blogging tool, it still is not as nice and easy as Write.as. So here I am back home to bore you all with my not so exiting words. Will actually maybe write something worth reading in the next day or two.

Goings On

So a few days ago I decided to give myself the challenge of using Vim as my only editor option. And this is the first particular post I am composing in Vim. The main reason i'm doing this is to force myself to learn the editor that I have feared for like 20 years.

A couple other things I've been doing. One I fully migrated myself to using Protonmail as my full time email client/service. The other is the fact that I am still testing NextCloud to handle my Calendars, Contacts, and RSS feeds.

I tried NextCloud a couple weeks ago hosting on a DigitalOcean droplet. I gave me some troubles so now I am trying a hosted solution. Well post on progress and what becomes of it soon.


Been a little busy this week with the school year started for the kiddos. But been doing a couple new things.

First off, i'm really trying to move completely to Mastodon. I still get a bit of news off of Twitter. Between rss feeds and convincing people to get on Mastodon, i'm getting closer.

Second I started using the Protonmail Bridge. This allows me to use Protonmail through Thunderbird which is nice.

Next up I think I have to get a Nextcloud instance to host my contacts and calendar. Trying to figure the most economical and consistent way to do that.

Till then..

Eeek..Daughters first time going to school. First time I have to deal with carpool lanes. It's gonna be an interesting week.

Nothing to important here. Just testing activity pub to the Fediverse with write.as.

So I've been thinking about apps. By default I have been a fan of the native desktop app. I thought it should be the way to go. Then I had a conversation with my wife about where we may be in the next few years, living that is. And there was talk of somewhere in the third world possibly.

So then I thought.. well computer access could be limited, I could have to depend on mobile a lot. So wouldn't web based apps better? Then I can get on any computer or mobile available and access my stuff, whether it is mine, another persons, or in a cafe of sorts.


So I have come to the realization that I don't have the time or the attention span to learn programming. Of course I can learn a little bit in a hobby sort of way. But I don't think I will ever make a living at it. I think I make a better promoter of OpenSource projects than creator.

I've determined if I wait to write some crazy dramatic post with tons of content I will never use this platform. So I am going to post lots of tidbits..sort of using it like my own personal little thought blaster..for stuff that is a little to much for twitter or mastodon, or that I want to keep in case those platforms ever go away.

Hard to get started

I've started many blogs with the best of intentions. I post regularly thinking I will keep it regular and it just doesn'thappen. Well as of today I'm just going to be satisfied with that.

I'm not trying to make a living trying to advertise or build my reach. I mainly just want to bable about what i'm interested in and share it with people. Sometimes even be helpful.

So from this pint on I will try to post whatever the topic or length.. as in this post itself.


The Era of Downloaded Content

So with the purchase fo Time Warner by AT&T and Talk of Comcast looking at Fox, people are pretty nervouse about where there content will come from and what will it cost. There are talks of Alphabet (Google) picking up their fiber game again, or maybe 5g. Something, anything to keep things competative so the Netflix and Youtubes of the world don't get crushed.

I suggest it my be new time in our history, where we focus on pre-downloaded content. The era of the podcast maybe? Forget streaming..lets go back to mp3 collections and playlists. Hell, I am even open to Netflix sending me DVDs again..if they could only offer sending a whole series at once to feed my binging.

On another note, let's bring print back! Give me some good books and some magazines, even some comics. And on real paper, forget the kindle or ipad.

There are a ton of ways to consume content and to get it. Let's not have this little merger throw us in a tizzy. Just vote with the wallet, stop using their offerings the best you can and find another way. If we let to few companies control our entertainment and education for that matter, we may be forced to entertaine our children with cave paintings just to stick it to them.

—end rant