Tim Apple

Once I get a character over lvl 60, I find it extremely hard to push another one there. I think it would be easier with new content. Other wise I get bored doing the same series of quests. #wow #worldofwarcraft

After almost 8 years I closed my Fastmail account today.

Is it me, or do Warlocks make no sense being on the Alliance side? #worldofwarcraft #wow

I’m coming to the realization that most if not all email I get is bills, school communications for the kids, or marketing junk. I’m not sure I need to be using a paid for service for this, Gmail or Outlook.com should be good enough. Any personal communications come over txt or some sort …

I was working to unlock Zandalarian trolls, then planned on moving on to Nightborne, but with the summer patch removing the quest requirements I’m just going to wait now. #wow #worldofwarcraft

Deep down inside, even though Apple tends to look like the good guy a lot of the time, I feel they will be the tech company to do the worst evil in the future. This is just a hunch, they have been good so far, unless your a dev, then they are bad!…lol

So, after my Warlock feels boring at lvl sixty comment earlier today, I rolled a Orc Monk. I must produce some sort of backstory to explain his monkness, maybe an orphan raised by Panderians or something. #WorldOfWarcraft #wow

Now that my Warlock is over lvl 60, I am sort of finding the play boring. I’m still going to finish #DragonFlight , but I wonder if they are the best choice for me.. or after playing any toon past 60 the play will get boring? #wow

Got my first toon to lvl 60 since my return to #WoW. Looking forward to finally checking out Dragonflight since it is all anyone is talking about recently.

Android has a thing called themed icons, which the developer needs to support to make work. @manton Can you add it in the microblog app if possible, I know you have a never ending Todo list but see if you can find microblog on my home screen…

I think I’m going to start watching “Silo” this weekend. I need to add it to my Now page.

I’m hoping someday we can bring Bluesky comments into Micro.Blog, it seems like it definitely is going to beat out Mastodon as the alternative to Twitter. A large portion of the pop culture folk are there already.

Time to pause my Zandalarian goal of unlocking the race in #wow. I need to sidetrack myself to get flying mounts.

With the dock included, the new Pixel Tablet is a pretty sweet deal.

#GoogleIO is going to put me to sleep. It would make for a great drinking game, a drink every time they say “AI”, everyone would have been hammered in the first 30 minutes.

My first major goal after returning to #wow is unlocking Zandalarian Trolls so I can make a Zando Druid.

This weekend I saw two movies. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - This was a pretty fun care free action movie with lots of jokes. I enjoyed. A Man Called Otto - Wonderful movie, I really loved this, Tom Hanks as usual delivers. Great soundtrack also.

Guns have to go. I literally have been to Allen Outlets a hundred times or more, my kids have been there. I’m at the point where I won’t bring my kids to most public places, especially if there are crowds. It’s so unfortunate for them, but this went from the odds are slim situation …

I used to think it was funny that every evening my dad would sit and watch TV and fall asleep almost immediately. Now I put on a show or a movie and I’m out in like 10 minutes. The only way I can guarantee I stay awake is to watch in the mornings. #dadlife

I never played a Druid in #WoW, well until this morning. They are pretty fun. May take this guy all the way.

Its one of my favorite days of the week… Ted Lasso day. Cheers!

I have come to the conclusion that I rarely finish programing tutorials, books, classes..etc.. because there is nothing I want to build. So my interest just doesn’t stay. On the other hand, I’m damn good at ‘Hello, World!’

So now I toy with #WoW retail and classic… choices…lol

My Return to World of Warcraft, why?

So after a weekend of playing around in ‘World of Warcraft’ aka WoW, I dove full in; I subscribed, and bought the latest version of the game. Then I sat and thought about what brought this on a little. Much of my desire to revisit the game was nostalgia for it. I had a lot of fun …

This morning I did what no fifty year old man should do. I started downloading World of Warcraft. A game I haven’t played since 2004 and I consumed like crack… but I had a hankering.