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Goals as of Sept 2021

I am setting some goals for myself. These are the things I plan to achieve. This is me vocalizing them to hold myself accountable.

  1. If I don’t have anything kind to say, I will say nothing at all. I am pretty good at this in my personal life, but on social media I slip often or take a negative tone.
  2. I want to give more focus to learning software development to meet goal in item 3.
  3. Sometime in the future, I would like to start a non-profit software organization that specializes in applications that are specific to helping others and improving overall conditions for humanity.
  4. Maintain my spiritual education and better myself for my family, myself, and others I interact with.

I will always focus on achieving these items, if I sway I will get back on track asap.

Number three has no deadline and I am currently thinking it will be process of evolution as I practice number two.

Cheers! Tim Apple

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