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It’s a cool, windy day today. I hear the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, remnants of hurricane Ian maybe, which just blasted through Florida the other day. I also hear a crow cawing. I remember hearing much more from them when I was young. In the past couple of decades, I have very little memory of hearing them. Though, to be fair, I don’t think they are as far south as Texas. But now that I am north again, they still sound fewer.

I took a break from writing this and searched for crow on the web. I guess their range does go as far south as Northern Mexico. This makes me wonder why I had no memory of them when I lived in North Texas for almost two decades. Maybe I didn’t take the time to listen. We miss so much in our busy lives. It almost pains me as I accept the fact that I have a more common memory of hearing Kim Kardashian’s voice than I do of a crow cawing for nearly twenty years.

I guess it’s time to contemplate listening and trying to listen to more around me, not letting television, cars, and sirens drown out those more important audible noises that are sometimes so subtle.

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