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Continuing on with Paper

I’m thinking of falling back to pen and paper again for most things other than this blog, or whatever you want to call it, microblog, maybe. But I really haven’t picked up on digital journaling; though I think it’s a wonderful idea, I rarely have the patience to let my thumbs do too much. Of course, people will bring up dictation, but to be honest, I feel a little silly walking around talking my thoughts out aloud.

I enjoy writing on paper much more, even if it’s a little less convenient. I wasn’t using the apps anyway. I like seeing the ink on the page in the end; I even find my kids looking over my shoulder to see what’s in my journal when I’m writing or admiring one of my doodles. They are the only fans I have.

So I will cancel my DayOne and Drafts subscriptions since I didn’t use them anyway and continue with the paper. That is until I change my mind yet again.

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