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The T-shirt

Back in 1993 or so, I had this t-shirt. I really loved the thing, it was my favorite. At the time, I was a bonified tree hugger. I had read the entire litany of Edward Abbey’s works, joined Earth First, and was an active member of the earth club at my local community college.

The shirt itself was from an organization called Heartwood. They were a grassroots environmental organization in the midwest. Either way, I loved that shirt. In 1994 I joined the Army, and I lost the shirt sometime after that. Maybe I wore it out and trashed it; perhaps I actually lost it. I really don’t remember. But I really was fond of that t-shirt. It was unbleached cotton with a black and white photo of a man chained to a tree on it. In all reality, it was nothing special. I just really liked it.

To get on with things, I still think of the darn shirt, so I started googling Heartwood and found their website. I don’t think it is given much attention, and I don’t even know if it is truly active; I believe there is one post on there from 2022. But low and behold, they have the t-shirt for sale there still. So I ordered it. Now the question is, did I order from a dead site, or will the shirt actually show up in my mailbox one day. I am really excited at the idea it will come. Worse case, I lost twenty-five bucks.

Picture of a buddy and I, I'm wearing the shirt in question.

My best friend and I couple of days before I went to basic, me wearing the shirt in question.

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