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Quitting Tech

I’ve been using computers since I was around ten, some 40 years ago. I’ve used Linux, Windows, macOS, and a few oddball operating systems. I’ve invested quite a bit in learning and gear. But I am now happy to say I am putting tech on a useful tool basis only.

I’m thinking of all the hours I have wasted behind a keyboard, playing games and tinkering around, and I’m sort of regretting it. I think my life would of better served to spend that time outside doing other things. I did learn a lot, a lot of stuff I don’t use other than to be tech support for my family and work. I’m sure time wasted watching package updates alone is in the hundreds of hours.

Now, I’m not going caveman or anything. What I am doing is consciously choosing to use my tech as a tool only, and I’m stopping the tinkering and exploring things that have no other use for me other than just the act of doing them, things like trying new Linux distros, learning different programming languages, fidgeting with the latest shiny apps, and so on, you get the gist.

I have my laptop, iPhone, and Apple Watch, which I love. But they will now strictly be for day-to-day activity. Things like blogging, writing in general, trip planning, news, and communication with family and friends.

The days of geeking out to the wee hours of the night over the latest package manager or terminal tool are over for now. I want to spend more time outside and explore creative endeavors. I do still work in tech, but I won’t take it home with me (well, sort of, I work from home…lol).

Wish me luck!

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