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Journaling woes

I have played with journaling on and off of for years. I’ve done both on-line and on paper. Paper is actually now the goto method, I gave up on keeping on on-line journal, unless you count this blog.

So it is now November and it’s almost time to start a new journal. This year I started with an official Bullet Journal and didn’t even the first month with it. I had found Lochby which in general, as a physical product I found it a lot sexier. Plus I liked the smaller little books that I could switch out and interchange.

I’m still using the Lochby and I have a whole stockpile of inserts. I have three in there most of the time.

All my scheduling/appointments are done electronically. I thought this made the most sense, since the thousand dollar iPhone in my pocket had to be good for something other than photos. But recently I am feeling I want to go back to the bullet journal way of scheduling things. To be completely honest, outside of work which will always be electronic, I rarely have anything to schedule in the first place.

Now with the idea of me doing a paper calendar I am considering a classic Bullet Journal again. I can just carry one book that has it all in it. The other option being I keep a Lochby insert just for my calendar and activities.

In summary, after all that, the basic thing is I need to decide whether to continue with the Lochby or go full on BuJo. Again, the most appealing thing is the cover for the Lochby, and the inserts still use Tomoe River paper while it lasts at least. So that is nice. The cover also provides a tiny bit of weather proofing. If it rains hard and I’m carrying it in my hands, it will still get wet.

The Bullet Journal advantage is everything in one book and it’s a little smaller and I’m assuming easier to carry around. They are very nicely built books, I believe a modified leuchtturm1917.

In the end I have invested a bit in Lochby, I don’t know if its worth the switch. Maybe a separate calendar insert is the way to go I’m sure I will change my mind on things about ten or more times before the beginning of next year. I’ll report what happens on January first.

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