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On food

I have been on many diets or more or less lifestyle diets throughout the years. I’ve done Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Carnivore, Plant-Based, and probably a few in between. A majority of them were low-carb until I got to a plant-based diet. And note I have no nutrition degree nor any certifications. The closest thing I have is I’m married to a doctor. So take this all with a grain of salt, and by no means think this is professional advice. But let me tell you where I’m settling at.

My first diet, the one I was born following, was to eat everything, but mainly consisted of hot dogs, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and most meats smothered in BBQ sauce. Not to mention Twinkies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and various other sweets.

The first, what I would call a healthy diet, was the Paleo diet. For one, I found the whole caveman thing groovy. Secondly, it gave me tremendous results. Basically, just eat meat and veggies, avoiding dairy, grains, legumes, and processed foods. This is also when I played with the Whole 30 diet, which is basically paleo. I kept this up for a year or so, then fell off the wagon.

When one falls off the wagon, it’s amazing how fast the blubber returns and with reinforcements. It comes back really quick. So after some time passed, I got sick of my growing abdomen and went on Keto. Who doesn’t love bacon and butter? The stuff is amazing. Again, I had tremendous results and was very fast. And again, I fell off the wagon, and the flubber returned.

Next, it’s the Carnivore diet which is just really an extreme keto/paleo diet. I did this for a short time, but one can only eat some much ground beef and chicken. Living on steaks will put a person in a poor house. The wagon dumped me off on this pretty quick.

After this period, I spent a few years just getting fat and eating whatever. Mainly because I was too tired and lazy to do anything else. I was working a lot and raising kids. I just didn’t have the energy to focus on weight.

Some years later, after watching quite a few terrifying documentaries (there are too many out there to name), I decided to go all in on plant-based. The big surprise on this one is I didn’t lose weight at all. Muffins, pancakes, and other baked goods were all on the menu still. So I was doing great for the earth but no good for my body. I really did love the idea of doing the right thing for mother earth.

This I just couldn’t find sustainable. I just didn’t have the creativity or the drive to eat healthily, aka… avoid the cakes and muffins. Life was easier when they were off the menu. I like having the stuff out of the house as to prevent me from making bad decisions.

So, after all this, where am I at now? Well, I could say at a balance. So I would be what some would consider Primal, as in Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint”. This basically means I still avoid dairy, legumes, processed foods, and grains. I eat meat and eggs, but I am very careful where I source them from. If a brand or source has proof they are using regenerative farming techniques, animals are well cared for, and in general, they are doing things the right way, then I will consume their protein products. I will not deny we humans spent millions of years basically eating meat and foraging for nuts, berries, fruit, and tubers.

The cost of eating this way is a little high. But at the same time, I don’t consume new things very often. I have had the same shoes for going on 4+ years. I pretty much have the same clothes. Sometimes I will buy something new, but rarely. I keep the same electronic devices for years. And in the end, I will buy used or older items. So paying a little more for food isn’t killing us.

Now realize finding the food itself is also a little difficult, and at times we have to make exceptions or we are a little more plant-based at times due to prices or availability getting too crazy. But it works, and I honestly feel I’m a bit less of the problem than I used to be.

These things will always evolve, and I’ll learn new things. But this path is somewhat the same as I have been following on and off for over a decade now, just with some minor tweaks. If anything ever changes, I’ll be sure to bore you with a new post in the future.

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