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Items to never replace

Still on my ecological kick. Today I am thinking of one-time purchase items. Those things that you find the very best and hopefully never have to replace again. I love the idea of having an item for so long that it becomes part of your children’s memories.

“I’ve never seen dad drink coffee out of anything other than that old Yeti cup…"

How cool is that, of course, I have had my Yeti cup for just a month or so, and it is not quite stuck in their memory yet. But we will give it some time. So this is my list of things I have or want to find, buy once, and hopefully never have to buy again.

  1. My watch, which I recently bought an Apple watch, which is really nice. I love it, for that matter. But I know it’s going to last maybe three years at most. I think I need to find something mechanical that will last forever.
  2. My coffee/tea Mug, which, as you heard above, I just got a Yeti.
  3. My Journal or Journal cover. I have a Lochby cover now, which I think may last forever.
  4. Backpack or satchel, I currently have a GoRuck which is pretty indestructible and most likely will last forever. I haven’t 100% settled on its functionality, so it may go? I don’t know yet.
  5. A really good pen; I think it would be great to settle on one or two really solid ones I could refill and use forever.
  6. A pocket knife. I have had over a hundred in the past 50 years, I bet. I think I need to find a really, really good one and never replace it again.
  7. A nice hat; I used to have a waxed fedora I wore when fishing all the time. I think I need another, and to keep it.
  8. My jackets… one spring/fall and one winter.
  9. Most of my kitchen pots and pans, including utensils. Metal drinkware may be nice also. I tend to break a lot of glasses.
  10. My reading glasses are something really durable that I can just swap lenses as my vision goes.
  11. My Ukulele, which is a concert. I would like to switch it out for a nice tenor and never buy one again.
  12. Tent, sleeping bag, and other camping/backpacking gear.
  13. Fishing pole and gear which I have two Tenkara rods that would fit most freshwater fish.

I think that is about it. Maybe more will come to me in the future, and I’ll edit this. As I find my permanent, or what I think are permanent items, I will put them on here also in the future, if I remember.

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