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Getting rid of plastics

I fall into periods where I am a little more earthy than usual. At these times, I try to do the right thing, find ways I can do things differently and tend to annoy the hell out of my family. I’m in one of these periods now, and they seem to last longer and longer.

This current period has me figuring out how to use less plastic. This is easier said than done; everything is made of plastic. I have been successful in a couple of small categories so far.

Amazing huh? Not really. I have compiled a list of things I need a replacement for.

That is a good start, and I am sure I will think of more as time goes on. I’m sure the list could go over 100 with some real thinking. Some things I will need to sneak in to get the family to use also. They aren’t as willing to sacrifice convenience or comfort, for that matter. I personally could care less about both. My biggest blocker usually is budget.

I would love for people to share how they have gotten rid of plastics, where they source alternative products from and any other tips. This will be an ongoing battle for sure.

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