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Let's error on just in case.

I’ve been focused on the climate a lot lately. As a bystander looking at the news around the world, I could almost positively tell you the loonies are right, and the end is near! Might I add it’s knocking on our door as I type this.

It is very easy to just throw your hands up and say nothing else can be done; let’s go down in flames or to maintain the idea that the geopolitical forces on earth have no plan to undo the havoc we have wrought.

As for me, being a father, I must remain an optimist. How could one give up hope for their children’s future? I’ve had my time and honestly don’t have much expectation beyond the life I’ve already lived, well maybe the expectation to just chill my end years and have people leave me alone. But my kids, their future is bright. It must be! And by god, I’ll do my best to make sure it is.

This brings me to deniers and all the poopy pants folks that see no hope and just have given up. I want to ask them why? Especially the deniers, they could be standing in the middle of a dry river bed and be like, “What’s the problem?”. For all of you, give me a moment.

What if? For real, what if? Even if all of us tree-hugging, commie socialists are completely wrong. What if we were actually right or partially right. Wouldn’t it be worth it to just give it a go, just in case? Have you seen the models? Heard the predictions and outcomes if something isn’t done quickly? Why not just give it the benefit of the doubt.

If you go through all the effort and clean up the air, get us on renewable energy, practice regenerative agriculture, stop the use of fossil fuels, get rid of plastics, protect endangered flora and fauna, and the many other things our poor home needs us to do. If we do all that, and we greenies are wrong, what happens?

I’ll tell you what happens. You have clean air, less pollution, plentiful food for the masses, pretty places to take your children on vacation, biodiverse ecosystems, and maybe even some decent weather.

We aren’t preaching all this to fulfill our evil plan to make you uncomfortable. Everyone wins by doing the right thing. You can’t tell me you want your kids growing up in a desert reliving Mad Max. Mel Gibson, I’m sure, doesn’t even want that.

Just in case, why don’t we all do the right thing? It’s a win-win in the end for everyone.

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