Am I wrong to think Twitter shadow-banning different accounts is no big deal? It’s Twitter; if you are relying on it for any information, you’re doing it wrong in the first place. If anything, it, at the most, should only be for getting ideas and researching the stuff on your own outside of Twitter.

Relying on any social media service as your main source of news or knowledge is an absolute mistake. Most of the loudmouths on there are idealogues in the first place. A large portion of both sides are wrong, covering almost any subject, and don’t understand nuance. People must break away and force themselves to find the facts independently.

Let Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, and many others do what they do. They can be entertaining and lead to great ideas for research and education on different topics, but they are not the source of truth, nor will they ever be. They are the voicebox of the herd. It’s a bunch of followers blabbering out each other’s words and a small group of people taking advantage of it.

Seek the truth for yourself.