So after a weekend of playing around in ‘World of Warcraft’ aka WoW, I dove full in; I subscribed, and bought the latest version of the game. Then I sat and thought about what brought this on a little.

Much of my desire to revisit the game was nostalgia for it. I had a lot of fun playing the game back in the day. And now I realize it is more than that. I also miss MUDs(multi-user dungeons) and my days in grade school into early high school staying at a friends house over the weekend to play Dungeons & Dragons with nothing but a couple of cases of Mountain Dew to keep us up through the night. I loved all that stuff, and I missed it dearly.

Of course now I am much older, half a century even, and I have a family and many other responsibilities. Even if I wanted to dive back into such things, I don’t have the time or the ability to really stick to them in a dedicated fashion. But WoW, I can log in for 30 minutes here or an hour there and get my fantasy nostalgia fix on then jump back into my life. I am thinking it may even be therapeutic.

With that, you may see me occasionally posting about the game and thoughts about it. And I will try not to bore anyone reading. If you need to find me out there I’m OldGeezer#11885 on Battlenet.