I am an avid podcast listener. When I say avid, it is the one media I consume the most. A few years ago I worked away from home, had a decent commute in both directions and drove around for work itself. This allowed me to listen to quite a bit. The past few years, I have had little time to listen. It’s hard at home with family looking for my attention and work itself being largely on the phone. But as of recently, I have come up with a solution.

Uber! Yes, Uber it is. I signed up to be a driver. To be honest, i’m not driving really, I’m using the delivery side. With 2 kids and 2 dogs, it’s hard to keep the car presentable for passengers. But delivery I’m good with and can listen to whatever I want while doing so. So far this has been great. I spend a few hours every couple of days and get much more of my listening in and make some money while doing so. The work is ridiculously easy. It has been great so far.

I’m now thinking of trying a couple more services, such as Instacart or DoorDash. It actually gets sort of addictive trying to get the jobs and gaming their systems to maximize profit. As I learn more about it, I will update you.