I’ve used two main pieces of software for journaling on and off. The first being DayOne Journal and the other being Standard Notes. I feel I should only be in one, and I would like it to be Standard Notes, but I find the book printing feature of DayOne so appealing. To be honest, I have never ordered one, but I find the idea comforting and will eventually some day.

Standard Notes does let me save a backup in plain text, but it is much harder to separate, format, and I would have to self-publish it in some way to get a copy, maybe through Amazon(cringe!). This seems like a very difficult task, unless I could somehow automate the process with some sort of script. But I pay for StandarNotes as my Notes app, so it makes it the preferred place for Journaling, since I already pay for it. I just want the dang book.

I wonder if anyone who reads this has a method of achieving the printed book option without using DayOne. Please use the reply by email link below to share.