Wondering what to write about. I’m sitting here feeling like writing something, but I am not sure what to write, no idea. So I’m just sitting here pecking at the keyboard, trying to wing it. As you can tell, this has led to me babbling about what to write about.

I think there have been at least a few hundred times, if not thousands, where I had that light bulb go off without the time or means to record it. This of course leads to me never remembering it. And now, when I want to put something to paper, or the keyboard in this case, I’m a blank.

Maybe I need to find a good way to record ideas when they happen. A voice recorder would be cool, but what do you do when your idea comes to you when you’re on a call or a video meeting? I try to carry a little notebook around, but in reality it makes it onto my person about 15% of the time, with the rest of its life sitting unused on my desk or possibly near the toilet.

If anyone else has a solution to this dilemma, please share. For now, I have some house cleaning to do.