I’m planning my 2024 Journal plan. I’m always trying to fine tune and tweak the process to be most effective and easier for me to continue to be consistent.

I have bought a new Bullet Journal every year for the past few years and always end up back to using my Lochby. I like the modularity it provides, and I don’t have a book for a year, I have a smaller booklet till it runs out of space. I then simply label the date range and pull it out and replace with a new.

Furthermore, I am planning to run four booklets at a time this year. The first is the Calendar and tasks book. This will be general bullet journal style, and its title gives away its purpose. I don’t know if one booklet will last the year or if it will be split into another, I’m interested to see how that turns out.

Next is Notes, this is just to have a place to scribble stuff if I’m on the phone or in a meeting. Pretty simple and won’t really be organized, just for immediate chicken scratch.

Then there is the journal insert which will be where the true journaling and writing will happen every day. I expect to fill a few with them a year if I can stay consistent.

And finally is my List booklet which is for exactly that. The books I’ve read through the year, a list of movies or shows I’ve watched, and anything else of the sort.

And finally, I plan on carrying a field notes size pocket notebook for tasks on the go and when I don’t have the full journal with me. I have to thank CodeMacLife for the idea.

We’ll see if I stick with this through the whole year. What I end up doing the past years is a month or so of consistency then a lull, then back at it. I would really like to be consistent throughout the whole year. I am thinking carrying the pocket notebook will really help.