Hello there!

So, I’m Tim, the owner or maybe renter of this tiny piece of cyberspace.

I’m a retired combat veteran, father, husband, and Baha’i. We currently live in NYC, but are migrating to West Virginia pretty soon.

This is the place I speak of, well, pretty much anything. But my interests include and are not limited to..

  • Computers
  • Google and the Android ecosystem.
  • Programming languages - Dart, Flutter, Kotlin, Ruby, and Python.
  • Television/Streaming - StarTrek > StarWars, Fantasy and other SciFi, Military and Spy type thrillers. Or anything classified as geeky.
  • Old man fitness and an Animal Based Diet
  • Parenting
  • Faith
  • The outdoors and treehugger stuff.
  • And whatever else may get me going… tbd

With that said feel free to tag along.

Cheers, Tim