Today’s question, for Mac Users.

    So, if you were to buy a mac, and you mainly write and do personal things (email, photo edits, documents), and possibly fiddle with app development, but nothing serious. What model would you buy MacBook Air or Pro? Also do you think M2, M3, M3Pro, or Max matters?

    I’m switching back to Android. I used I message with my kids since they don’t need a phone # for it. But now I will not have one. Can someone recommend a chat app I can use with my kids that is secure and doesn’t require them to have a phone #?

    11/12/23 UPDATE

    Well, that didn’t last long. Back on an iPhone, so I can chat easily with my children and still not give them a phone number.

    I’ve been using my Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro together this week, carrying both around. I’ve realized two things that stand out in Android. Both the typing and navigating with gestures are way better than on iOS. I can actually tolerate writing on Android.

    Finding the perfect music streaming service.

    I’m always on the hunt for the ideal Music streaming service. Currently, I use Apple Music since my whole family is pretty much in the Apple ecosystem. I myself actually use Windows, Linux, and Android most of the time, and it is possible to use Apple Music on all of them; either with a native app or third party.

    Sometimes though, I wonder if Apple Music is the best choice. I rule Spotify out because there app is pretty awful IMHO. Which then leaves Amazon Music, which actually has an excellent selection and price point, but there app is not the best either.

    I wonder what else is out there. Mind you, my music interest is pretty eclectic, but I do listen to a lot of Indie and Americana music, some real oddball hard to find stuff.

    And of course, there is the build your own collection idea, but without becoming a pirate I don’t see gathering enough music to not bore myself or sell my children to pay for it all.

    So please share what you’re doing, especially if you are a cross-platform user.

    Apple's new Macbooks are awesome, and this is why I won't get one.

    These days, I think no one can deny how great Apple’s hardware is. The M' series MacBooks are amazing, powerful and crazy battery life. Buying one seems like a no-brainer for sure. But then, I don’t think I will be getting one.

    I’ve tried to convince myself I need one, I may even actually need one. It makes complete sense buying one. But there are so many things that go against my beliefs built into those machines.

    I’m a right to repair advocate and believe if I pay anything, but especially more than a couple grand for a laptop, I should be able to do what the hell I want with it. This is absolutely not the case with Apple. They are locked down, glued and soldered together, so they are near impossible to fix or upgrade on your own.

    Apple has a history of throttling hardware to push new purchases. This is also a big no, no.

    The OS is pretty much a copy of multiple Linux Desktops mashed together and then blended with iOS. I do give them credit for insane interoperability within their ecosystem, though, which of course comes from great control over said ecosystem.

    And finally, though they preach privacy and say they care; they very quickly succumbed to demands of the Chinese government allowing them backdoor access. Even Google didn’t do that, they decided to just not do business there.

    For all these reasons, even though I know there isn’t a laptop out there that compares in performance, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I will go with a company like Framework instead.

    I totally separated myself from iCloud photos. Switched to Ente for my photo storage. Someday maybe I will set up an Immach instance someday when I finally get a home server.

    Another challenge I have is, I really want a Mac. But the platform goes against many of my ideals, it’s anti #righttorepair, it’s a #walledgarden, and though they are much more private than a Windows machine, they make questionable choices when it comes down to profits… which push me to #Linux.

    To go 100% into Apple's walled garden.

    Still trying to figure out which my next PC will be. Mainly it’s the thought to get a Mac or to stay in the Linux and Windows PC world. Sticking with Windows long term is a no-go. Linux is the true choice for privacy, I feel the mac may be a middle ground, with much better privacy than Windows but not as much as Linux. But the Mac will have much more functionality, let alone I already have an iPhone, Apple Watch, Homepods, and an AppleTV.

    I think Linux is the idealistic, stand your ground, fight back against the man choice; but I do want some convenience. Also, the Linux side has the right to repair options if I go with a Framwork laptop or System76. I still have a bit of time to make the decision, but I always bounce back and forth. I may never come to a sound conclusion.

    So I was able to add my workout to the Journal using the Healthfit app.

    More on the Journal App for iOS. We did a walk today, bout 3 miles. I wore my Apple Watch, had my iPhone with me also… no way to put the workout into the journal that I can find. I thought that was going to be one of the features?

    So far the new Apple Journal app is clean, easy to use, but not many features at all. Pretty bare bones. I’m assuming it will get more stuff incrementally. Right now you can’t share entries and no export in anyway.

    Has there been any word on the Journal app for iOS lately? The one from #Apple ?

    Why doesn’t #Apple have a close all Windows option when you swipe up to close something? Sometimes I just want to clear things out, and I would love to not swipe up a gazillion times to do it.