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Journaling woes

I have played with journaling on and off of for years. I’ve done both on-line and on paper. Paper is actually now the goto method, I gave up on keeping on on-line journal, unless you count this blog. So it is now November and it’s almost time to start a new journal. This year I started with an official Bullet Journal and didn’t even the first month with it. I had found Lochby which in general, as a physical product I found it a lot sexier.

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A history of a reader and wanna be writer.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. When I was young, I read books voraciously. I would become interested in an author and read everything they had as fast as possible. But, of course, being young helped; I had zero responsibility and all the time in the world, it seemed. I’m trying to recall the first author or series that really got me. In the early years of high school, it was Tolkien, Terry Brooks, the various Conan novels were always fun, and the “Heroes in Hell” series of books.

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50 Laps

So today is my fiftieth lap around the sun; some people say it’s a big thing. I’m not too sure about that, but I guess I’m happy I survived this long. In the time I have lived, I have had a few close calls; let me list them. 4-12 years old, I cracked my head open at least a half dozen times to the point of going to ER for stitches, one involved a hammer claw … this could explain a lot.

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Quitting Tech

I’ve been using computers since I was around ten, some 40 years ago. I’ve used Linux, Windows, macOS, and a few oddball operating systems. I’ve invested quite a bit in learning and gear. But I am now happy to say I am putting tech on a useful tool basis only. I’m thinking of all the hours I have wasted behind a keyboard, playing games and tinkering around, and I’m sort of regretting it.

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Biggest Little Farm Poster

I finished watching “The Biggest Little Farm”. What an inspirational documentary. If half of the people did things their way, I believe many of the environmental issues we face today would be much less. I sometimes wonder if I have the fortitude to take on such an endeavor; even if I did, my wife wouldn’t be having it. But one can dream. It’s definitely worth the watch.

Back at Hey!

I switch email services more than I change my underwear, it seems. I never can really make up my mind. I am always drawn to Hey; I think it’s the best service available, but the price is what always keeps me away. But this post by DHH sort of made me want to join the revolution. So, screw it! I gave the folks at Hey/Basecamp another $100 for the year. Now I have to set up forwards.

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The T-shirt

Back in 1993 or so, I had this t-shirt. I really loved the thing, it was my favorite. At the time, I was a bonified tree hugger. I had read the entire litany of Edward Abbey’s works, joined Earth First, and was an active member of the earth club at my local community college. The shirt itself was from an organization called Heartwood. They were a grassroots environmental organization in the midwest.

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Continuing on with Paper

I’m thinking of falling back to pen and paper again for most things other than this blog, or whatever you want to call it, microblog, maybe. But I really haven’t picked up on digital journaling; though I think it’s a wonderful idea, I rarely have the patience to let my thumbs do too much. Of course, people will bring up dictation, but to be honest, I feel a little silly walking around talking my thoughts out aloud.

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The Carp Bowl

I wrote this in my early twenties. It was a fun time, and thought I would share it… Before I induce any sort of confusion, I want to set some things straight. I am not a carp expert; I actually know very little about them. I’m a fly-fisherman, a fairly mediocre one at that. And most of all, I’m one of the few males in this country who has absolutely no knowledge of football.

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I’ve never really owned land, in the big sense. Nothing more than a backyard for me. But I do know people who have some, and they have been kind enough to let me pretend it was mine for short periods. Well, maybe they didn’t know I was pretending it was mine. But nonetheless they let me make use if it freely. I believe there is nothing better than being free to experience a place with no limits.

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