I received this prompt in the Stoic app today and I must say it was reallylly hard to answer, I think I’m a little proud of that. The AirPods are even filler, I couldn’t think of anything else.

    Large, uncommon, and rarely used words are the giant truck tires of the would-be intellectual. Both are usually not necessary and used to compensate for the size of one’s private parts.

    Come to find out the only one of these things we don’t do already is the Googling of teachers… maybe I’ll pick that one up.

    I’m a former CIA officer - here are the things you should NEVER let your kids do if you want to keep them safe

    I think fountain pens will be the only pens allowed on my desk.

    I’m trying out the MicroBlog timeline with posts only and no replies. The replies get confusing and get me clicking into things, then losing my place. Post only is much less cluttered, my only worry is it might hurt my discovering new people a little.

    Wondering what to write about

    Wondering what to write about. I’m sitting here feeling like writing something, but I am not sure what to write, no idea. So I’m just sitting here pecking at the keyboard, trying to wing it. As you can tell, this has led to me babbling about what to write about.

    I think there have been at least a few hundred times, if not thousands, where I had that light bulb go off without the time or means to record it. This of course leads to me never remembering it. And now, when I want to put something to paper, or the keyboard in this case, I’m a blank.

    Maybe I need to find a good way to record ideas when they happen. A voice recorder would be cool, but what do you do when your idea comes to you when you’re on a call or a video meeting? I try to carry a little notebook around, but in reality it makes it onto my person about 15% of the time, with the rest of its life sitting unused on my desk or possibly near the toilet.

    If anyone else has a solution to this dilemma, please share. For now, I have some house cleaning to do.


    Vexed on Sunday

    I really need to seek help. I change my mind about technology constantly. Things like privacy, convenience, and the newest sparkley thing are always throwing me for a loop. Let alone, I have accounts on about half a dozen email services and multiple emails on each of those.

    Moral quandaries also cause problems. I want to do the right thing, but many times the right thing means inferior products and services, or more work in general.

    How do I balance these things? Even more important, why can’t I make a decision and stick to it? I feel I have to eventually find peace with a certain set of technological compromises, just to maintain my own sanity in the end.

    I wonder if I am the only one so distraught by what email service to use? Is using a Mac that evil? I want to be able to repair it, but would I need to anyway? These are the questions vexing me this morning.

    How is your Sunday going?

    The joys of attending a 5th grade birthday party, for twins even.

    So, I just want to be open about this, if you have a bunch of poorly done face tattoos, maybe any at all, I would never hire you for a customer facing position, ever. There is even a chance I don’t hire you for anything, unless somehow in the interview you showed some sort of exceptional character.

    With a strong desire to start another blog and to give @manton more money, I did. I am going to separate creative type writing from general opinion, reviews and babble. So you may see some post repeat because I’m moving stuff around. It also lets me use @pimoore ’s Tuft theme.

    Electronic Journaling

    I’ve used two main pieces of software for journaling on and off. The first being DayOne Journal and the other being Standard Notes. I feel I should only be in one, and I would like it to be Standard Notes, but I find the book printing feature of DayOne so appealing. To be honest, I have never ordered one, but I find the idea comforting and will eventually some day.

    Standard Notes does let me save a backup in plain text, but it is much harder to separate, format, and I would have to self-publish it in some way to get a copy, maybe through Amazon(cringe!). This seems like a very difficult task, unless I could somehow automate the process with some sort of script. But I pay for StandarNotes as my Notes app, so it makes it the preferred place for Journaling, since I already pay for it. I just want the dang book.

    I wonder if anyone who reads this has a method of achieving the printed book option without using DayOne. Please use the reply by email link below to share.

    Mystery of the non-dairy creamer...

    Walking the dogs every day, I always see miscellaneous items of trash along the side of the road. Usually food wrappers or beverage containers. Today, while walking Hazel, I saw a big one liter container of non-dairy creamer, you know, the ones that don’t have an ounce of real dairy in them.

    You know, I don’t approve but can understand throwing an empty can or bottle out the window, you finished your beverage, and you don’t want the trash in your car, and you’re a lazy piece of crap who can’t wait to find a garbage can, I get it. Of course, it could also be an alcoholic beverage, and you don’t want to get busted with it in the car, in which you’re also an idiot at this point.

    But why non-dairy creamer? Was some dude driving chugging some fake cream? At what point does one empty a container of non-dairy creamer while driving? This is a mystery that completely baffles me. I just don’t get it. Is there a secret about non-dairy creamer we don’t know? I just can’t wrap my head around why a fairly large bottle of this fake cow juice would be laying on the side of the road. Someone enlighten me, please!