I know some of you out there in the Fediverse and on MicroBlog have written #books πŸ“š. If you could please share your book, and if you wrote more than one tell me the one you would recommend reading, so I can add them to my reading list. Please, no technical manuals. But anything else is fair game.

    Never Finished: Extremely Online by Taylor Lorenz πŸ“š

    I just couldn’t get into this, I was originally excited about this, and it is written very well. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    Finished reading: Privacy is Power by Carissa VΓ©liz πŸ“š

    This was a great book. I would love to share it with all my non-techie friends to light a fire under their behinds to make them think about privacy and to understand why some of us go to some of the extremes we do to just have some privacy.