First good morning frost of the year.

    With a strong desire to start another blog and to give @manton more money, I did. I am going to separate creative type writing from general opinion, reviews and babble. So you may see some post repeat because I’m moving stuff around. It also lets me use @pimoore ’s Tuft theme.

    I’ve canceled DayOne. I think my Standard Notes, physical journal, and the future iOS should be plenty.

    Mystery of the non-dairy creamer...

    Walking the dogs every day, I always see miscellaneous items of trash along the side of the road. Usually food wrappers or beverage containers. Today, while walking Hazel, I saw a big one liter container of non-dairy creamer, you know, the ones that don’t have an ounce of real dairy in them.

    You know, I don’t approve but can understand throwing an empty can or bottle out the window, you finished your beverage, and you don’t want the trash in your car, and you’re a lazy piece of crap who can’t wait to find a garbage can, I get it. Of course, it could also be an alcoholic beverage, and you don’t want to get busted with it in the car, in which you’re also an idiot at this point.

    But why non-dairy creamer? Was some dude driving chugging some fake cream? At what point does one empty a container of non-dairy creamer while driving? This is a mystery that completely baffles me. I just don’t get it. Is there a secret about non-dairy creamer we don’t know? I just can’t wrap my head around why a fairly large bottle of this fake cow juice would be laying on the side of the road. Someone enlighten me, please!