Come to find out the only one of these things we don’t do already is the Googling of teachers… maybe I’ll pick that one up.

    I’m a former CIA officer - here are the things you should NEVER let your kids do if you want to keep them safe

    This guy was snacking at the back porch this morning.

    Looks like we will be moving again soon. We’re not 100% sure when, and it’s between two locations. One back in Texas and the other much closer to home, where I grew up near southern Wisconsin. I think the decision will be made in a few days, but change is definitely coming.

    Does anyone know of tools or apps that make it easy to blur out faces or place emoji’s over them. I want to get a little more personal now and again on the blog, but don’t want to share my family members faces in photos. Especially my kids. Any ideas would be most helpful.

    #privacy #photos #family