#Nostr is moving fast; I think it has a lot more potential than mastodon. Running your own node is huge! It has a long way to go, but I can’t imagine where it will be at in a few months. #umbrel

Today I am also getting an Umbrel going again. Time to get at least a little more sovereign.

I’ve used #Linux since around 1998. As of late, I have been on #Windows, toyed with getting a Mac and now wonder if the time has come to go all in on Linux again before I give up most control of my data to proprietary companies.

I love you all, but if you use #tiktok your part of the problem.

I love the idea of an EV. But I don’t think I will ever buy an electric vehicle unless it has no connectivity to anything outside the car or at least has a kill switch so I can turn connectivity off unless I’m looking for some sort of update. Otherwise, it’s gas for me.

Just finished watching this video, well worth the 30 minutes.

I’ve always been relatively iffy on #guns. After two tours in combat, I’m no longer a fan of them. But then I see things like Scotland starting to ban #meat, which the idea will make its way here eventually. It makes me reconsider my gun stance.

An earlier conversation I was in made me wonder. In #European countries with free #education, or heavily subsidized. Are adults allowed to return to school on the same deal? If, at 40, I decided I wanted to get into medicine, would the gov’t assist?

Joined a book club and we just started this one. Currently reading: The Great Plant-Based Con by Jayne Buxton 📚

Every adult around has a phone; why did kids in elementary school need one?

Update to my eating now 95% of my diet is. Ruminents (Beef, Bison, Sheep, or Goat, usually ground) Eggs Butter Bacon(snacks) Salt or LMNT The 5% Chicken, pork, or fish. That is the only stuff on my grocery list.

If ChatGPT is going to be the model, it should not be used. It has built-in biases and prevents the free flow of information.

Sometimes we need to separate from the noise and think about what we truly believe. – me

Is Mastodon suitable for free speech? If an admin can block all their users from any other instance, does that not mean they are controlling the conversation and controlling the speech? I think per-user blocking is much more reasonable than axing a whole instance.

I’m waiting to see if crossposting from microblog to twitter breaks soon. It would be amazing if it didn’t.

Pit find in Germany reveals how Neanderthals hunted huge elephant

I’m back to using Brave as my daily browser for now. Teetering back towards Protonmail also.

The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other - instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals. — Edward Abbey

Every now and then I goto Apple’s website and build machines and always the price turns me away. I think if I were to buy a Mac anytime soon I would end up with the Mini.. most bang for the buck.

I see a lot of people angry about companies having layoffs, Netflix stopping people from using friend and family logins, and so forth. I’m guessing they would be happier if the companies keep doing what they are doing, eventually go out of business, and everyone loses their job?

😀 Just testing out the new status.log app.

The moment you realize the people of the world are losing their minds. Herbivorize Predators … 🤦‍♂️

I wonder if I am the only one that thinks this may be a very bad thing? Of course, if it does happen, I will be the first one with tickets to Mammoth park…lol Scientists Are Reincarnating the Woolly Mammoth to Return in 4 Years

💻 Whether to be a techie or not be a techie, that is the question.

Your health is the greatest wealth you possess. Invest in it wisely, nourish it daily, and cherish it always. #healthyliving #mindandbody #carnivore #keto