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I really enjoyed the sun on this church as rain clouds darkened the sky.

I find it hilarious that the majority of fantasy artists believe all the women had enormous breasts and wore leather g-strings to battle.

I’ve been using the 1440 as my news source for about a week now. I have to say it’s good enough and keeps me from scrolling through my news app as much.

I fixed up my Books page on my website. It doesn’t go back too far, but I’ll be slowly updating it with past reads and favorites. You can click on books to find out where to get them and read a description.

I have to say, my Twitter experience is much better than Mastodon these days. On Twitter, I have a decent amount of traffic I can easily keep up with. My mastodon is in I read what’s on the screen when I log in, but I have no time to see everything I missed…lol

Ok #pen people, what is the best non #fountainpen you have used?

I see all these holiday recipe ideas showing up in timelines in different places. It seems everyone wishes for diabetes for Christmas!

Wow! I feel I actually came up with a decent book idea. It just took fifty years. Now, how does one exactly go about writing a novel? 🤔