Hot take: Soil health is a bigger issue than climate change.

My old iPad Mini which was stuck in iOS 15 land for some time due to age suddenly got the 16.2 update today. What I nice treat that is…adding more life to the littl bugger.

My work is always trying to get me to push VOIP phoes to our customers. It’s really annoying. Customers complain about them constantly. Analog phones are much more reliable in a small business setting. I feel guilt every time I try to convince a customer otherwise.

Cooking dinner.

What bodyweight exercise could replace pullups if a pullup bar is not available? 🏋️‍♂️ #exercise #workout #fitness

I’m always at a loss in pulling up studies when talking health and nutrition. I am just not very good at retaining such info. I am think I will make a page on my website for all these things so I can track them down again and easily share.

Just finished this audiobook. A great story of courage and overcoming adversity. I really enjoyed it. No Time for Fear by Paul De Gelder 📚

Did my first run in zero drop shoes yesterday. Blew out my calf and the opposite foot is super sore every time I take a step. I don’t know if I can condition myself to wear these. It was a light run, afraid the next one will be the same results. @xeroshoes

I will never believe the government cares about our health untill high fructose corn syrup and all derivitives are removed from our food.

I made a simple design that became popular in a social group I was in, they wanted a shirt of it so I made it on Amazon Merch… Carnivore Shirt #carnivore #lowcarb #keto #paleo

I was wondering, the FDA is so afraid of the imaginary health issues caused by red meat, why are they not crying to the massess about the horrors of high fructose corn syrup? #food #health

My food pyrimid..

People could afford to eat much better if they cut supplements out. If your eating good, you don’t need supplements.

#carnivore folks in the Saint Louis area, it looks like I will be moving there in the summer. Looking for intel on local providers of meat and raw dairy in the area. Thanks

I totally went back on what I said in the beginning of the year and instead I’m doing a tradition Bullet Journal for 2023s journaling.

Being a former pothead in my youth. I can absolutely say I do not want marijuana to be smoked in public places. Restrict it to the home or certain establishments.

So who can point me to the more interesting personalities that have joined #mastodon as of late? I know Mark Ruffalo joined, anyone else?

Got my daughters watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ for the first time.

✨ I haven't visited status in awhile.

I think this is great news! I love computers but good old pen and paper school work needs to return. I think they are still better learning tools than the computer. Australian universities to return to ‘pen and paper’ exams after students caught using AI to write essays

Instead of pushing proper dietarty guidlines the want to use drugs and surgery. I think this is just another revenue stream for the pharmaceutical companies. Consider drugs and surgery early for obesity in kids, new guidelines say: “Waiting doesn’t work”

I haven’t followed sports for years and I’m missing the feeling of being a fan, following a team and watching games. So I think I will start following MLS Soccer and watching games. Especially since they will be on AppleTV for me to view. Loyalty will be with the city I live in.

I love the idea of Public Transportation and the idea of living in a big city, not needing a car. Saying that I have been living in NYC for almost 3 years and rarely use it myself and would not bring my children on it. I consider it unsafe.

PodcastGuru is a really good podcast client. Probably one of the best Podcast2.0 clients though it doesn’t have boosts built in.

It looks like my future is leading me to St. Louis, MO, as our next home.