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Finished reading Two Meals a Day - By Mark Sisson

Two Meals a Day by Mark Sisson 📚 I just finished this guy. I’ve read all of Mark Sisson’s books on health and diet. Well, those are the only kind of books he writes, actually. I have followed the Paleo/Primal lifestyle for some time and do not intend to lecture anyone on their approach to health in weight loss other than to recommend you look into it if you are not satisfied with whatever you are doing about it now.

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the Biggest little Farm - The Return ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I just watched the Biggest little Farm - The Return with my daughter. We really loved the original documentary. This was a shorter little update at the ten-year mark of the farm. It appears they were using it as a point of hope to the greater world to show what could be done in a decade. It almost made me tear up; if people just put a little effort into their yards, community gardens, and beyond, what a difference we could make.

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Biggest Little Farm Poster

I finished watching “The Biggest Little Farm”. What an inspirational documentary. If half of the people did things their way, I believe many of the environmental issues we face today would be much less. I sometimes wonder if I have the fortitude to take on such an endeavor; even if I did, my wife wouldn’t be having it. But one can dream. It’s definitely worth the watch.