Finished reading: Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger 📚

    I did really enjoy this. It’s hard not to be motivated by Arnold.

    I’m giving Obsidian a go this week synced over iCloud. Is this the plugin my MicroBlog friends are using?

    I stayed fairly quite over the holiday break. Not even on purpose, I was easily distractedted away from my regular doom scrolling and posting. I actually didn’t realize how much until this morning.

    Ok, #email power users, what do you prefer? Labels or Folders?

    I’ve started using the Kagi summarize page plugin for Firefox. I’ve noticed I can use it to get summaries of paywalled articles, which is super handy.

    I received this prompt in the Stoic app today and I must say it was reallylly hard to answer, I think I’m a little proud of that. The AirPods are even filler, I couldn’t think of anything else.

    Was going too start Monarch on AppleTV+ then I realized I hadn’t finished season 2 of Invasion… better finish that first.

    Large, uncommon, and rarely used words are the giant truck tires of the would-be intellectual. Both are usually not necessary and used to compensate for the size of one’s private parts.

    Come to find out the only one of these things we don’t do already is the Googling of teachers… maybe I’ll pick that one up.

    I’m a former CIA officer - here are the things you should NEVER let your kids do if you want to keep them safe

    I think fountain pens will be the only pens allowed on my desk.

    Today’s question, for Mac Users.

    So, if you were to buy a mac, and you mainly write and do personal things (email, photo edits, documents), and possibly fiddle with app development, but nothing serious. What model would you buy MacBook Air or Pro? Also do you think M2, M3, M3Pro, or Max matters?

    I was using the feeds' plugin to share my RSS feed with folks, but a feed for every category seemed like too much, so I made a new Feeds just breaking up long form posts and toots.

    I’ve toyed with programming, but have never really built anything and can say I’m not fluent in any programming language. I really don’t understand why “Coder Radio” is always my favorite podcast to listen to. Kuddos to @ChrisLAS and for such a great show.

    I’m trying out the MicroBlog timeline with posts only and no replies. The replies get confusing and get me clicking into things, then losing my place. Post only is much less cluttered, my only worry is it might hurt my discovering new people a little.

    And also today, I have another question. Those of you who have #Scrivener and know how to use it. Is there recomended tutorial or video that makes me not confused trying to use it. 😜

    I know some of you out there in the Fediverse and on MicroBlog have written #books 📚. If you could please share your book, and if you wrote more than one tell me the one you would recommend reading, so I can add them to my reading list. Please, no technical manuals. But anything else is fair game.

    Never Finished: Extremely Online by Taylor Lorenz 📚

    I just couldn’t get into this, I was originally excited about this, and it is written very well. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    Hey is always trying to bring me back. If I could only use a domain in a personal account.

    I have too many email addresses and I’m not sure how to undo it. Having a few for multiple tasks seemed like a good idea, but it is confusing in the end and managing things gets crazy.

    I’m switching back to Android. I used I message with my kids since they don’t need a phone # for it. But now I will not have one. Can someone recommend a chat app I can use with my kids that is secure and doesn’t require them to have a phone #?

    11/12/23 UPDATE

    Well, that didn’t last long. Back on an iPhone, so I can chat easily with my children and still not give them a phone number.

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