As always, I don’t have Veterans Day off, the Either way, Happy Veterans Day to my brothers at arms past and present. As an obligatory proof of Veteran status, here’s me on a tractor in Baghdad back on 2003. Better than walking to the checkpoint.

    I’ve been using my Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro together this week, carrying both around. I’ve realized two things that stand out in Android. Both the typing and navigating with gestures are way better than on iOS. I can actually tolerate writing on Android.

    The joys of attending a 5th grade birthday party, for twins even.

    I used to run from the past
    But the world got spinnin' so fast
    I run from the future now
    I run as fast as I can
    Tryin' to be a simple man
    I just want to slow down

    “Go on home” - Chris Knight

    Is there anything similar to Little Snitch or Portmaster for #Android?

    #privacy #security

    When looking at programming languages and various multi-platform dev toolsets, I find Flutter to be the most compelling.

    This guy was snacking at the back porch this morning.

    I’m toying with going back to #Android with my Pixel 7 Pro. I want to do on it, but it’s not unlocked yet. A couple months to pay it off still. Maybe I should wait.

    Tried to use a voip number for Discord which like most services they end up not considering it a valid number. But what I found funny is a land line is not consideredred valid. It’s the OG of lines.

    Trying to settle on a Desktop of DE to keep for an extended period of time. Right now it’s between Plasma and Sway.

    I totally separated myself from iCloud photos. Switched to Ente for my photo storage. Someday maybe I will set up an Immach instance someday when I finally get a home server.

    First good morning frost of the year.

    My wife wants the kids to play dance type games to get them more active. She is thinking something VR would be the best, I don’t necessarily think so. But either way, I am very much not up to date on the subject. So, can some people chime in on what would possibly be the best course.. Thanks'.

    I’m sick of dual booting, so I’m going to try ’s Quickemu to run Windows on Ubuntu and to see if it squeezes out enough performance that I can use the VM all the time. I’m wondering if I should do something with a lighter desktop than Gnome though.

    I totally spaced there was an Apple event.

    I was thinking of learning to make apps, and I know has a great beginner tutorial for making apps for their distro. I wondered if there was something just as comprehensive that was more centric for a newb to make an app? Thanks #linux

    When I think of getting a new computer, I’m always thinking laptop. But the reality is, my laptop rarely leaves my desk. Maybe I should do a tower, like a beastly System76 Thelio? I would get more bang for my buck, I feel. #linux

    Another challenge I have is, I really want a Mac. But the platform goes against many of my ideals, it’s anti #righttorepair, it’s a #walledgarden, and though they are much more private than a Windows machine, they make questionable choices when it comes down to profits… which push me to #Linux.

    I’m thinking of using Ente for my photo backup service and stopping them from going elsewhere. I like immach, but I’m not in self hosting mode yet.

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