Once I get a character over lvl 60, I find it extremely hard to push another one there. I think it would be easier with new content. Other wise I get bored doing the same series of quests. #wow #worldofwarcraft

So, after my Warlock feels boring at lvl sixty comment earlier today, I rolled a Orc Monk. I must produce some sort of backstory to explain his monkness, maybe an orphan raised by Panderians or something. #WorldOfWarcraft #wow

Now that my Warlock is over lvl 60, I am sort of finding the play boring. I’m still going to finish #DragonFlight , but I wonder if they are the best choice for me.. or after playing any toon past 60 the play will get boring? #wow

My first major goal after returning to #wow is unlocking Zandalarian Trolls so I can make a Zando Druid.

My Return to World of Warcraft, why?

So after a weekend of playing around in ‘World of Warcraft’ aka WoW, I dove full in; I subscribed, and bought the latest version of the game. Then I sat and thought about what brought this on a little. Much of my desire to revisit the game was nostalgia for it. I had a lot of fun …