Changing Course

Been thinking about many things these days. I am and always have been a somewhat very techie fellow. I also have been a very outdoorsy fellow. What a mix huh?

I grew up being marginal at best in school. I find it hard to keep focus for extended periods of time. I only did good in the classes that I had interest in. And sometimes that interest didn't last very long. What happens when you behave like this?

I joined the Army in 1994. I screwed up a few times, but in general, ended up with a pretty decent career. About ten years into that and six days into my second tour of Iraq a bullet decided to put an end to that career.

So what do I do now? Well, actually I ended up being an electrician for a time, which eventually led me to more techie things. Which again I had a knack for. So once set and looking to improve my career, where do I go? Coding? System Administration? These things are the logical path I would think. But I can't seem to keep enough focus to be very good at either. I am more the “ jack of all trades, master of none” scenario. But I just cannot focus on any of it very long. Of course, having four children doesn't help.

This leads to the next issue. This tech interest leads me in all directions and accomplishing not very much, what I would call concrete progress in anything.

So what now? At this point, I'm in sales for a small IT company. And thinking I should just try to grow my strengths in sales and slow down on my overall geekiness. I'm going to settle I think. One operating system, one set of tools, and focus on other hobbies I am interested in and my family a needs a bit more attention. Even get my nasty arse back in shape.

Other hobbies you say? Well yeah. I always wanted to play a musical instrument..well. And I have a ukulele sitting in my closet calling me. A silly instrument in a way, but always seems to bring a smile, so a good choice. The second is the fact that I always dreamt of being some sort of writer. So I think I will dedicate some time to that and see where I can go. Did I tell you I did just awful in English class?

We will see where I go with this. Wish me luck.