So as part of my Indieweb experience I started using, thinking it was a good tool for me. But as I delved into it, I realised it just isn't neccessary. It basically lets you tweet on your own page ( then that is to be aggregated to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and possibly a couple other sites. Comments to those posts also show up back on your

Of course that is all great. But I don't use any of those services right now. I mainly dwell in the fediverse.

Now I would love to have a similiar service to do the same thing with Mastodon, PixelFed, or Peertube. I am assuming I may have to figure this out on my own though. I don't think anyone has tacked it yet. There are some services such as Bridgey Fed which lets you federate your own site with Mastodon. This will most likely be the route I go someday.

So, though is a great service, I don't think it's for me.