programming language
Photo by Pankaj Patel / Unsplash

I've been hanging out in the Indieweb Slack channel. I've popped in and out of there for a few years now randomly. I think now is a good time to dig in.

Of course I'm going to have to learn to build stuff. So i'm going with a three phase plan. Well maybe three moving parts.

  1. I consolidated my blog and i'm self hosting it.
  2. I got a going to get started with aggregation of posts social posts.
  3. I'm building my own site from scratch.

On point number three. This will be a long term investment. I know almost zero html, css, or javascript..or any code for that matter. So three is a slow roller. One and two are meant to start my presence and maintaine it while three is built. Eventually, in what I am realistically thinking will be a year plus or more, number three will stay and one and two will go.

So thats the gameplan. I'm ready for a long ride.