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Your health is the greatest wealth you possess. Invest in it wisely, nourish it daily, and cherish it always. #healthyliving #mindandbody #carnivore #keto

Every time you get up from a seated position, do 5 pushups, squats, or pullups(if you have something to do them on). It makes a difference. If 5 is too much, pick a number you can do without killing yourself. Cheers!

Back and forth with blogs ...

I keep going back and forth trying to figure out what to do here on Hey! World. The idea of it is so very cool and handy. At the same time I have like 3 places I can blog from. My Standard Notes account with Listed, my Micro.Blog, and Hey World! Two of them come with services I already pay for which …

I wonder f there is anyone trying to track the diet of people with “long-covid”. In my mind I would think some those of eaters would fare much worse than others.

If it comes down to it in the future, I figure I would rather be a connoisseur of bugs than a vegan still.

I’ve heard enough people say grass-fed meat really isn’t significantly different nutritional than conventional meat. This has made me decide to save some money and eat more conventional. #carnivore #paleo #lowcarb

Hot Take: all the steps to stop climate change, fake meat, cows and seaweed, shutting down farms, mechanical carbon removal, and all the other insanity will actually be what ends us. #climate #science

Corporations, even those you think are nice, don’t care about us.

Sex education shouldn’t happen until middle school. Earlier than that, parents can handle it, imho.

I believe the only race is human.

Just starting this one today: The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy 📚

The biggest crime in the media space is the Joe Rogan exclusive to Spotify deal. I hate having to have the app for just that one podcast.

This past week or two I fell onto the social media negativity train hard. I’ve looked back and found some things I’ve said rude or a little mean. I need to fix it and try to be a positive force when interacting with those I disagree with. I need to do better.

Today we should realize not all people are awful. Most of them, in general, have good intentions whether you agree with them or not.

Whatever you want to say about the man, Jimmy Carter had this right.

I try not to block people who don’t agree with my views on social media because you never know what you may learn, but if they are complete jack wagons about it then I am starting to block them.

In nearly every country in the world higher meat consumption equates to longer life expectancy. Total Meat Intake is Associated with Life Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis of 175 Contemporary Populations - PubMed pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov …

I’m new to practicing Yoga. I’ve been using the Apple Fitness classes. For those who have been practicing #yoga for some time, is it ok to do the practice multiple times a day? Or would this be overdoing it. I feel like I could handle a morning and pre dinner session.

I think the younger generations are a tad naive to how ugly the world could really be.

The shootings won't stop...

I am personally not a fan of guns. But I don’t think mass shootings will stop if firearms are outlawed. You can ask anyone who smoked weed the past few decades while it was illegal; it is/was pretty easy to get. We need to address this at its root cause. It’s a collapse of the family, …

I champion most environmental issues, but once people start saying we can save the world by removing cows they lose all credibility with me. This is poorly researched virtue signaling at best.

These people have lost it. Removeing livestock is going to cause more problems than it helps. E.U. Rules Will Force Dutch To Ban Livestock Farming reason.com Reason.com https://reason.com/2023/01/21/e-u-rules-will-force-dutch-to-ban-livestock-farming/

I think this makes complete sense, I may change my opinion when I get there but at that age you are prolonging the inevitable which is coming fairly soon and if you treat yourself you spend your last days with a much poorer quality of life Leading US doctor says he won’t get treatment if he …

As I surf around twitter and mastodon, I realize it doesn’t help to comment on someones post to get your point across. It’s best to post your own thoughts on your profile and leave comments alone.

I’m sorry everyone, but animals are food. Just as much as we are food for them.